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Doctor and Patient

Update to Facial Mask Policy at Randolph Health Facilities

Masks are no longer required; however, they are encouraged while in a Randolph Health facility.*
*Certain exceptions apply, such as treatment areas with high-risk patients.

Masks are REQUIRED for patients with any of the following sy
mptoms: fever, headache/body ache/pain, cough or sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, chills, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

In order to protect the health of patients and staff, visitors with any of the above symptoms are not permitted to enter any Randolph Health facility unless seeking treatment.

To find a location with
Covid-19 vaccine appointments near you visit: NC Vaccine Finder:

In The News!
Portrait of an Attractive Senior Woman

Functional Treatment for Parkinson's Disease is Here in Randleman!

Randolph Health Deep River Physical Therapy is now offering a new, cutting-edge program for patients with Parkinson’s disease at our Randleman location with our provider, Karen Reddick, PT, who is now certified in the LSVT BIG program. Click here for more info.

Physical Therapy

Recruiting All Physical Therapists!

Randolph Health is offering a sign on bonus of $16,000 for Physical Therapists!

Click here to see available positions.

Welcome To Randolph Health Medical Group!

Randolph Health Medical Group is a group of Primary Care Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Registered Dietitians dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive health care across Randolph County. Our offices are conveniently located in Asheboro, Liberty & Seagrove.


Randolph Health Medical Group physicians are Board Certified in Pediatrics, Family Practice or Internal Medicine. Our goal is to provide you and your loved ones the best care at the best time and in the best location. We care about you and your health.


Randolph Health Medical Group is a proud member of:

Download the Patient Rights and Responsibilities Form

Diabetes Self Management Program

Join Us For Our Diabetes Support Group!

(every 3rd Monday of the month at 208-D Foust Street in Asheboro)

This group is designed to provide support for people who have diabetes and help them address the challenges created by diabetes.

The next Support Group will be June 16, 2024 at 4pm.
Topic: Dining Out
Registration is NOT required.

Performing Surgery
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Comprehensive Surgical Care

Central Carolina Surgery has opened a practice in Asheboro to provide Randolph County and the surrounding communities with quality, comprehensive and compassionate surgical care. Their new location gives them the opportunity to offer their specialty services to you and your patients – Now Close To Home.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Conventional medicine has always held the belief that aging is inevitable and that its progressive deterioration cannot be altered. Fortunately, there is an exciting revolution in science and medicine that equates aging to a disease state – Biologically Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Patient on Scale
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Choose to Lose: Weight Loss

Most people know that being overweight and obese isn’t ideal for health, but finding a successful path to weight reduction has been something that most people struggle with. If you are tired of watching your weight yo-yo up and down and you are fully committed to making a change – then Randolph Health Choose to Lose might be the perfect fit for you.


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Immigration Medical Exams

Did you know that you need an Immigration Medical Exam to obtain citizenship, permanent residency or a green card before your scheduled interview? At Randolph Health Internal Medicine, we have a physician authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services who performs these fast and efficient Immigration Medical Exams.

Child with Asthma.jpg
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Pediatrics Asthma Clinics

At Randolph Health Pediatrics, we are committed to helping children and parents manage asthma, by providing education and developing a customized action plan with instructions when asthma flare ups occur after office hours, on the soccer field, etc. We are committed to helping parents navigate their child’s asthma care with ease through knowledge. Together, we can tackle asthma! Through our Asthma Clinics we provide a partnership between parents and our pediatricians to help ensure our patients with asthma are breathing easy!

Prescription Drugs
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Opioid/Drug Addiction Treatment

Opioid Addiction happens to good people – your friend... your neighbor... your minister... YOU! But it does not have to continue to adversely affect you and your loved ones. At Randolph Health Internal Medicine in Asheboro, we understand how difficult Opioid Addiction is to go through, not only physically, but also emotionally. We’re here to help you – every step of the way.

Telephonic Visits.jpg
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Telehealth Visits

Randolph Health Medical Group is now offering telehealth visits, which most insurances are covering. Check with your insurance provider for coverage of these types of services. Please contact your provider’s office to see if telehealth is available.

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Functional Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

Randolph Health Deep River Physical Therapy is now offering a new, cutting-edge program for patients with Parkinson’s disease at our Randleman location with our provider, Karen Reddick, PT, who is now certified in the LSVT BIG program.

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Industrial Rehabilitation Services

Industrial Rehabilitation Services are designed to function as an adjunct to our established physical therapy services as well as an outreach to local industry. The Industrial Rehabilitation Services act as the final step in case resolution for the injured worker and assist in safe return to work, appropriate job placement, and assessment of worker capabilities.

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