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The most effective health care providers are pillars of their communities. Our rich history of service and longstanding connection with patients and their families have earned us a unique amount of trust and success.

Patients expect to receive the best possible care. Addressing their desire for advanced medical capability and demonstrating our constant growth and expanding expertise allows us to remain in their consideration set.

Our focus on providing quality, compassionate care increases retention of existing patients, differentiates our service from other health systems, and reinforces the emotional connection we have with our community.

Our Purpose


We believe that quality, compassionate health care sits at the core of every strong community. That it tirelessly serves the needs of individuals while championing the well-being of everyone.

We connect a personal and attentive approach to care with a network of advanced medical capabilities to promote the health of our patients and the prosperity of our community.

Randolph Health Medical Group was created by members of our community to serve our community. To honor this calling, we connect people to the cutting edge health services they need all the while upholding our commitment to personalized care. We don’t see those we serve only as patients or refer to them by numbers. We draw on the best expertise and resources to care for them like the neighbors they are.

Our Capability

Randolph Health Medical Group has all the services you’d expect from larger medical centers, right in your backyard. From family practice to orthopedic, birth to senior care, we have everything it takes to help keep people healthy and our communities strong.

At Randolph Health Medical Group, we’ve invested in the most advanced technology and tools needed to provide top quality care.

At Randolph Health Medical Group, we don’t just help people get healthy; we make sure they stay well.

We recruit, hire and partner with highly-skilled medical professionals trained in the latest protocols, techniques and technology and committed to delivering patient-centered care.

Our Connection

From the moment you walk through any of our doors, you and your family will feel welcome. You’re not an interruption; you’re the reason we’re here.

At Randolph Health Medical Group, we treat people like our neighbors because they are. We get to know patients as individuals, not medical record numbers.

At Randolph Health Medical Group, we don’t want you to feel lost or forgotten. We pay attention to you and work hard to respond as quickly as possible to your needs.

Randolph Health Medical Group is part of the communities we serve, and the communities we serve are part of Randolph. We live here, we work here, and when someone needs help, we’re here for them. That doesn’t make us special—that’s just the way people in central North Carolina treat each other.

Our Story

We live in the same neighborhoods as our patients. Shop at the same grocery stores and wave to one another as we go by. We know each other well. And with that, we’ve developed a rich history that’s earned us a reputation for taking care of our patients with kindness and compassion.

But we’re more than just neighborly. Over the years, we’ve developed state-of-the-art expertise, capabilities and facilities to remain the health care provider that patients seek, the counsel that gives trusted advice, and the constant force that fosters wellness in our community.

We live in an era where new medical advances are discovered daily, and advanced technology can help to diagnose and treat conditions in ways we once thought impossible. These advances have brought better care within everyone’s reach.

But somehow, along the way, some caregivers started acting like the machines they worked with—focused more on the technology and processes than the individual patient. The result is that for many patients, healthcare has become cold and impersonal.

This impersonal approach isn’t just unfriendly, it has been proven to undermine care and outcomes. We now know that a strong human connection is an important part of the healing process.

At Randolph Health Medical Group, we promise to invest ourselves in you—your care, your individual needs and in our shared communities. Randolph Health Medical Group was created by members of this community to serve this community. Over the years, we’ve expanded and are now a health system that provides comprehensive services and advanced technology, but we haven’t changed our commitment to personal attention.

We believe that Community Connected Care brings advanced technology together with timeless approaches to serving people and communities.

It’s an approach that helps make people healthier, because it takes their individual needs and lifestyle into consideration and doesn’t apply one-size- fits-all solutions to each person’s unique health needs.

At Randolph Health Medical Group, you’ll find some of the most sophisticated healthcare technology available in the area, but machines don’t make people healthy without the help of dedicated, well-trained professionals who care.

We are members of this community committed to serving our patients through a network of high quality health services. We do everything in our power to make certain our patients receive the personalized care they deserve. We treat them like neighbors—because more often than not that’s who they are.

About Randolph Health Medical Group

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