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Randolph Health Pediatrics Asthma Clinics Are Now Open and Accepting Appointments

Just Breathe...


Breathing is important! It’s a basic function and for most people it’s an easy task. However, for those with asthma, breathing can sometimes be difficult! With all the allergies, pollen, and outdoor play (which is important), children can have asthma flare ups. This is termed an asthma exacerbation.

At Randolph Health Pediatrics, we are committed to helping children and parents manage asthma, by providing education and developing a customized action plan with instructions when asthma flare ups occur after office hours, on the soccer field, etc. It is important to note that even when children are doing well with their asthma, it is still crucial to follow-up with their pediatrician.

In early October 2019, we started Asthma Clinics at Randolph Health Pediatrics. These Asthma Clinics help provide proper management of the child’s asthma and make it easier for parents to schedule follow-up visits. Asthma follow-up visits should be scheduled every 3 months, even when the patient is not having issues.

During the 3 month follow-up visit, our patients will be evaluated for the following:

  • How well their asthma is being controlled

  • Asthma action plans will be reviewed, discussed and updated as needed

  • Refills of prescriptions provided

  • And questions answered

It is also important that children with asthma be evaluated prior to starting school so that school medication forms can be completed and asthma action plans provided to the school. We are committed to helping parents navigate their child’s asthma care with ease through knowledge. Together, we can tackle asthma! Through our Asthma Clinics we provide a partnership between parents and our pediatricians to help ensure our patients with asthma are breathing easy!

To schedule an appointment for the Asthma Clinics at Randolph Health Pediatrics with one of our providers, please call our office at 336-625-2467. For more information on Randolph Health Pediatrics, click here to visit our practice webpage.


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