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March is National Athletic Training Month

In honor of National Athletic Training Month, Randolph Health Medical Group would like to recognize our Athletic Trainers with Randolph Health Athletic Training!

At Randolph Health Athletic Training. we have a top-notch Athletic Training Staff. Most often seen on the sidelines, these highly trained healthcare professionals do so much more than handing out water or taping ankles. They are highly skilled in injury prevention, emergency care, injury evaluation and treatment, rehabilitation, and administration.

What few realize is their involvement within their communities. Our Athletic Trainers are contracted with our local high schools and spend the majority of their working hours on the school campuses providing medical coverage for hundreds of Randolph County athletes. Their job revolves around healthcare in athletics and their unique position results in interaction with a diverse population including not only athletes but parents, coaches, school staff and administrators, student managers, college interns, officials and referees, members of the media, Emergency Services, and a variety of other healthcare professionals.

Visit for more information on Randolph Health Athletic Training.


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